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Unsure if this email works to connect back with you and thought I'd try (also going to post to the comments section in Goal Getter) ... I have been following your work for a long time and was part of your rejection app testing group (winning back many of my $20 😎 back). I wanted to share how much your book, Rejection Proof and the participation in the app, still continues to motivate me. Most recently in raising funds for a non-profit for which I co-chair the Board, Nurses Peer Support Network (NPSN) https://www.npsnetwork-mn.org/. I am taking risks, asking for help and telling people how far out I'm willing to go to make the goal. Part of me hopes this reaches you to let you know your past students still use the tools learned AND to ask if you would promote the information below. I am asking, because I have nothing to lose and what is the worst you can say, no 😏?

My Post:

Imagine you are meeting with a provider and diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness…Your mind goes a million different directions, with worries about: your life, insurance coverage/finances, time away from work/family and who you might choose to share about your illness, especially if the disease carries a stigma, as can be found with a substance use disorder. The provider is empathetic and caring as together you develop recommendations for your care. In addition, a resource is shared to connect you to one on one &/or group support with individuals who have walked a similar journey…this is the work of Nurses Peer Support Network (NPSN), for nurses by nurses.

I remember these same fears and at the time of my recovery, NPSN did not exist to connect me with another nurse or healthcare professional with the disease. I felt alone, ashamed, afraid, and unsure of what my future might hold. Today, nurses have NPSN for outreach, education, support, connection, and advocacy.

Currently, we are 30% to the goal of $5000 to support the above continued work of NPSN and I need your help. In return, I already have scheduled the salon appointment, set for 9/7/23 to have my hair dyed bright purple, in honor of September which is national recovery month. Please help push me out of my comfort zone to embrace the color 💜PURPLE💜! Come on, you know you want to… Click the link, donate now 😊 https://gofund.me/dc9f0190

Hair Fundraiser.jpg

Your pupil,

Carrie Kappel

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Awesome post, Carrie! I am so glad my work has helped you in someway.

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I'm interested in Early Riser and Focused Creator, where can I get more info?

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Hi Hazel, these are two of my favorite camps.

Early Riser: https://www.jiajiang.com/sisyphi/p/early-riser-camp

Focused Creator: https://www.jiajiang.com/sisyphi/p/focused-creator-camp

Or if you subscribe for the year, you can get up to three camps per months: https://www.jiajiang.com/sisyphi/p/sisyphi-camp-annual-subscription

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