I liked how you explained it. Great message brother.

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Jia - Been a fan since you started your rejection quest - Was inspired by your TED Talk and book to be bold and try more things. I really liked this blog post. It seems written for me, as to many times I have tried to follow steps and gotten frustrated or discouraged at the beginning and never completed what I wanted.

One of my biggest goals is to be a contestant on the CBS show Survivor (or The Amazing Race). I have created and summitted numerous videos over the years, and while I think they are good, I have not had much success. A lot of what I read are steps to do once you get a call back. But since I haven't received a call back yet, these steps don't help me.

Based on this blog post, what would you recommend I set for Sisyphi goals that could help me to produce a winning video. Would something like filming a short video about myself every day be a good start.

I am on the older side (56), but still have the drive, desire, and energy needed for the show. Just need to be able to create a video to sell myself -- One of the tough parts is that the only feedback I can go off is that my earlier videos were not good enough.

Any help / ideas / thoughts would be appreciated.



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